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Fourth Trimester Tips

The first three months of a baby's life are referred to as the "Fourth Trimester." If you have not read my post on what sleep usually looks like at this stage in your baby's life- please check it out. You can view it on my Instagram page @snoozeworthysleep.

As I said, sleep is unpredictable at this age and you need to cater to your child's every need during this stage. It can make for some memorable and exhausting times.

Here is what you should focus on during these first three months:

- Make sure you are practicing safe sleep habits. Remember the ABC's of safe sleep:

A- Alone- Your baby should sleep alone

B- Back- Your baby should always be placed on their back to sleep

C- Crib- Place your baby down in a bed designed for infant sleep

- Try out different soothing techniques and see which one calms your baby down the most. Some soothing techniques are:

- Swaddling- prevent flailing limbs

- Rhythmic Movement- bouncing or rocking your baby

- Soothing Sounds- white noise or verbal sounds that mimic the womb

- Hold your baby in various ways

- Using a pacifier- sucking can be soothing for babies

- Establish a Bedtime Routine

- Establishing a bedtime routine is a crucial piece in successful pediatric sleep. As your child gets older the bedtime routine will become a cue telling them that it is almost time to go to bed.

- Focus on Full Feedings

- You will be feeding your baby on demand during the first few months of life. When you do offer feedings try to encourage full feedings and limit the snacking. This is another key factor of successful sleep training that will make achieving your sleep goals much easier in the future.

The Fourth Trimester can be a very trying time for parents, I hope this post brought about some clarity on what you can focus on while you are in it. If you work to establish good habits from the very beginning, that will make sleep success that much easier when your child gets older.

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