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Why You Should Hire a Sleep Consultant

You might be having some trouble with your child sleeping and the thought of hiring a sleep consultant has crossed your mind. Is it time? I will share some tips that might clue you in that it's time to bring in some professional help.

Sleep Times are a source of stress

Think about it, your baby has many periods of sleep, between the 11-12 hours of overnight sleep to up to 4 naps during the day. If each of these periods is a source of stress for you- it's time to change something. After our time together, many of my clients say that just taking away the stress associated with sleep periods was life-changing. Shedding this extra stress will make way for healthier, happier parents and that will always benefit your child.

You have done your own research and are still having challenges

There is no shortage of information available about pediatric sleep. You can simply Google search to find sample schedules, feeding times, bedtime routines, and even sleep training methods. Hiring a sleep consultant is much more involved than some light internet reading- here's why. Support, 95% of what I do is offer support to the parents. We communicate daily during our time together and as your sleep consultant, I am always making sure we are moving towards our end goal each day. Personalized- as your sleep consultant, I will come up with a sleep plan tailored specifically to your child and your family's needs. Sometimes, the client and I make the choice to pivot and adjust our strategy based on how the child is responding to the chosen methods. Lastly, is accountability. I will hold you accountable to be consistent and do what you say you are going to do. Sleep training is not something you try, it's something you do. I will empower you to feel confident in teaching your child the necessary skill of falling asleep independently.

Access to In-Depth Knowledge

I have completed many pediatric sleep courses and I can help you navigate between all of the good and bad information on sleep that is available. In short, I know what tends to work and what doesn't. Babies are not robots and sleep is a complicated issue. But with my experience and knowledge, I am confident we can get your child to a healthy sleeping place.

Many families that hire a sleep consultant wish they had done it sooner. Sleep consultants are just another resource in your parenting toolbelts like lactation consultants and parenting coaches. I hope this post brought about some clarity for when it might be time to hire a sleep consultant.

If you feel like it's the right time to hire a sleep consultant for your family, I would love to be considered. You can book a free discovery call with me via my website.

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